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BBI Benefit Party raises $1,000 for FARUG and Rays of Light Orphanage School

Posted: Tue, November 15, 2016 | By: Past Projects

​A Brighter Brains Institute benefit party was held on February 12, in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. The event raised over $1,000 for Brighter Brains projects in Uganda.

The party was held at the home of BBI Board member Lutzka Zivny and Phil Millenbah, who live in the North Beach neighborhood. Forty tickets were sold via EventBrite. Guests were treated to passion fruit margaritas, and barbecued chicken, and a slide show presentation of BBI schools, clinics, and orphanage activities.

The funds gained from this event were split 50-50%—$500 are going to FARUG - “Freedom to Roam Uganda” - a lesbian support center in Kampala. This was BBI’s first contribution to gay rights organizations in Uganda.

The other $500 was sent to Rays of Light Orphanage School, to construct a new classroom, our of bricks. This will be the first “permanent” building on the Rays of Light campus. The other classrooms are made of interwoven braces and mud.

Thank you, Lutzka and Phil, for helping BBI with your generosity, and thanks to all the attendees who donated their time and money to make this happen.

Photos below of the event. Lutzka is in the center in a green t-shirt.


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