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Autobiography—Ngabirwe Phiona

Posted: Tue, October 17, 2017 | By: Women’s Empowerment

I am Ngabirwe Phiona

I am 27 years old. I was born in Bushenyi district in the western part of Uganda.

I was born in a polygamous family where father had three wives.

We were born 15 children when all added. Life was not easy ,getting basic needs was a great problem no good care was given to us as children.

Making it worth my father liked alcohol and was harsh.he could mistreat us together with my mother always.

My mother and us children who were old used to work in others plantation in order to get some little money and what to eat.

Being a polygamous family, their was different religions mixed in our family, I grew up confused still in religion.

Getting fees for my education was a problem, remember I was born with 4 boys, so they could only look at boys as priority to got to school then me a girl no.instead I could always go with my mother to work in others plantations.

When I reached 14 years old, my father forced me to get married to even an old man just because he wanted money and he had seen that man with money.

My future goal was to become a nurse but because of all that disorganisation in the family I failed to achieve my goal!!!!

I could ask my mother to talk to my father to put me in school instead of getting married but all vain because my father very harsh!!

So that time I was in bad conditions and just decided to escape from home to start staying with my aunt. After a few days my father realised that I was staying with my aunt and therefore he immediately came for me.his intention was me getting married and gets money.

I then escaped again and went to stay with my elder brother who had finished form four and was doing some mechanics in a certain town called ISHAKA. He tried to support me from primary five up to my college where attained a certificate of teaching in family and I was lucky by then studying in a college was free.

After completing my 2 year course at Canon Apollo college in Fort portal in 2012, then I started staying with my sister who lived in kasese town.

That is when I also started looking for teaching vacancies in schools around Kasese town.

I happened to apply at Bwambale Robert’s school . fortunately I got a teaching vacancy.

I found a school was a humanist school.I was forced to ask more about humanism I read many books which were already in the library. I found the real explanation of my past experiences.

Now that I was brought up in a confusion manner , I realized I need to be a humanist/feminist in order to live a happy life with no fear AND MY BIG INTENTION WAS TO HELP GIRLS WHO MIGHT HAVE THE EXPERIENCE LIKE WHAT I PASSED THROUGH.

However when I started teaching at that humanist school, people started saying I am teaching and I have joined illuminate and which was not the case.some isolated me but I did not give up because I knew what I was doing since I had ready some novels and I knew what I wanted.

By then the Kasese humanist school was in Kasese town and therefore was near to where I was I am renting.

Currently I am still working with humanist school currently named as BIZOHA HUNANIST PRINARY SCHOOL and working as a head teacher. I am also the director of BIZOHA WOMEN GROUP.

They are both in Muhokya town council abit far away from Kasese town where I stay.

I currently face a problem of transport every day to that place and according to how you seen my background, I am still very very poor.MY dream is to have my personal home but all in vain because of little salary earned.

I also need my women group to have its own building containing an office.

I also lecture humanism and feminism lessons in all schools that BBI funds around Kasese.

So far the lectures I have done have transformed many people especially girls. I hope if I continue I will eradicate family violence, school dropouts and promote children rights and more importantly promoting girl child education.
I don’t wish what happened to, happen to other girls.

I have liked teaching humanism and feminism with no fear and even some other religious schools are approaching me to change to humanists now.

I wish to continue doing the work of teaching humanism because it will change our communities, Kasese, Uganda, East Africa positively and more especially a girl child at large.

Thank you dear comrades for sponsoring and continue with the helping heart. Me I am ready to continue serving to your expectations.

Thank you again.


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