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Atheist Community of San Jose Clinic - sign is up

Posted: Thu, February 16, 2017 | By: Kanyenze (Uganda)

​The Atheist Community of San Jose (ACSJ) is sponsoring a clinic at Kanyenze Humanist Primary School, in the town of Kyarumba, in the foothills of the Ruwenzori mountains of western Uganda.

A sign has been constructed - in the larger city of Kasese - and delivered to Kanyenze.

The message and photo below is from Loice Ngunguro, the chairperson of the Kanyenze Women’s Group, that directs the school.

The clinic provides free medical care to the 125 children attending Kanyenze Humanist Primary School. The most common ailments in the region are malaria, peptic ulcer disease (caused by malnutrition), respiratory illnesses (pneumonia), and parasitic worm infections.

Thank you ACSJ


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