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Appreciation Letter from Garama Secondary School

Posted: Thu, November 17, 2016 | By: Past Projects

​(Below is an appreciation letter received from MIWODIF - Mitooma Women’s Dignity Foundation - the non-profit that directs Garama Secondary School, that BBI supports. The letter thanks BBI members for their donations that assist the clinic, buy food, support teacher salaries, purchase a water tank, and other supplies.)

Hi Pellissier, Davida and Darren.

Am first introducing my self to you. Am Biira Catherine Charity a program officer Mitooma Women’s Dignity Foundation (MIWODIF UGANDA)

Stella is no leave, am the one in charge of funds from BBI to Garama Secondary Humanist School, We the management of MIWODIF UGANDA and Garama Secondary Humanist School, we appreciate the support you’re rendering to the Children of Garama and women.

We so far bought the water tank, food, some few medicine since the term is ending, paid medic salary as you will see her letter of appreciation. We shall be communicating to you every progress as planned usage of the funds.

We have started teaching humanism to Children and we registering a good number of children understanding what humanism is, however, coaching takes a process. some parents are withdrawing their children but some are adopting humanism.

We are very happy for the support and we shall continue working with to support gender equality.

We have also received the funds you wired from Darren Davida boy friend for sponsoring

Bayringa Jenifer
Biira Juliet
Biira Racheal
Ithungu Machulate
Kabugho Janet

Very soon children will be writing appreciation letters.

Thanks yours

Biira Catherine Charity (Program Officer)


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