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Appalachia Needs Humanism

Posted: Sun, August 20, 2017 | By: USA

In May 2017, Brighter Brains Institute decided to launch humanist and humanitarian activities in eastern Kentucky, in the Appalachians.

Is this region poor? Check out the map below:

Does Appalachia need humanism? Yes, especially to combat the churches that have snake-handling ceremonies.

Here’s two articles describeing the dire economic situation in Appalachia.



Appalachia also has bizarre fundamentalist Christian attractions like the “Ark Encounter: Life-Sized Noah’s Ark” and the “Creation Museum” - where dioramas depict people walking with dinosaurs.

What have we done in Appalachia?

1. We contributed to a community garden project in Booneville, the seat of Owsley County (poorest county in the USA)

2. We donated publicity funding to the “Ark Encounter Protest” - an event rejecting the anti-science of the Noah theme park and the nearby Creation Museum.

3. We support the Secular Student Alliance at Morehouse State University (Kentucky). They are helping us find Appalachian teenagers to support as leaders of Secular Clubs at their high schools.

4. We provided clothes to an Appalachian Relief organization in North Carolina.


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