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Anti-Witchcraft Campaign led by Kasese humanist schools

Posted: Sun, October 16, 2016 | By: Kasese Humanist School

​by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Anti Witchcraft/Anti Superstition Campaign project kicks off with printing works of banners, stickers,fliers and T Shirts, coming soon on the radios will be Adverts about dangers of Witchcraft & Superstition. People who want to join us in this campaign are all welcome.

The Anti Witchcraft/Anti Superstition Campaign Project kicked off yesterday and is going to run for a duration of 3 months.

The project aims at exposing the dangers associated with witchcraft and the irrational belief in magic and superstition which ranks high among Ugandans. Superstition is at its peak almost in all sectors ranging from workplaces, places of worship , in shrines and people’s thinking to mention but a few.

Some of the tangible effects of witchcraft is the massive child sacrifices and ritual murders where scores of Ugandans have indulged in wrong acts of committing crimes after being misled by witch doctors, the hate and killing of albinos for body parts is another vivid act committed because of ignorance.

Science teaches us that albinos are people like any of us and appear like that just because they lack a skin color pigment, they possess a recessive character for skin color. Albinism exists in several living organisms.

Witch hunt and witch accusations is being propelled by religious zealots who are promoting hate among humanity and innocent children have been tagged as witches which actually is a fact caused by ignorance, hate and prejudice.

The other blunder is the Illuminati thing where some people are masquerading lies about several people prospering that they get wealth from the waters or under the sea. Kasese Humanist Primary School was tagged so by a section of Religious Zealots. This has been propelled mostly by religious fanatics who earn a living through creating fear, hate, division and providing “hope” to their flocks. Our people need to be enlighten that wealth is only got through hard work, determination, being focused and having a potential to plan and invest in meaningful ventures that can bring good returns. These actions of seconding that wealth can be got after performing a ritual or sacrifice instead empowers witch doctors to con people that they are wealth providers on one side and on the other increases on volumes of people flocking places of worship for deliverance.

Kasese Humanist Primary School is a school that empowers humanity to understand the world around us, we encourage evidence based learning, good morals and are against things that tend to divide humanity.

I have printed out a banner that will be used to feature at our events, I have printed out leaflets, fliers, bumper stickers and procured some Tshirts all aimed at enlightening the people about the dangers of Witchcraft and Superstition. Upon funds availability, We hope to place adverts and plays on local FM STATIONS in Kasese so that our people shun witchcraft and superstitious practices in our effort to create a JUST WORLD.

You can support this project by chipping in some $$ so that we accomplice a witchcraft/Superstitious Free society. Donate here

With Science, we can progress.


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