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Anglican Leaders War on Garama Humanism

Posted: Thu, February 16, 2017 | By: Past Projects

​by Peter Muhindo

Garama Secondary Humanist School is having trouble with the Anglican Religious leaders saying Garama being humanist, they are homosexuals and they will train the children homosexuality.

They are preaching in churches every Sunday that parents who take their children to Garama School risk their children to be sacrificed.

They are preaching saying Garama stopped teaching religious education, they teach humanism making children to challenge the existence of God and believe in witchcraft’s.

Today morning the school humanist sign post was uprooted and we don’t know where the sign post has been thrown. However, we will move head making bigger one and very strong.

The Anglican are getting scared of how our children are progressing in humanism. Today when we shared with the children they were not scared by the preaching of the Anglicans about Garama being humanist.

Am planning to see how we become stronger and challenge their preaching, in doing this am going to organise Garama parents meeting, where every parent must attend and we sensitise them on humanism and its importance.

I will be inviting Phiona of Kasese Humanist Association to add on Peter’s voice during the meeting. I will also be updating you on the dates of the parents meeting.

With Science we move forward.

Peter Muhindo

Photos of Garama Secondary Schoolchildren below


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