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Andrea Vogt’s Roadside Stand, Update #6

Posted: Thu, June 25, 2015 | By: BiZoHa

by Bwambale Robert

Works on the Andrea Vogt Roadside Stand are almost in the final phase. Lots of progress on the roadside stand.

Among the latest is the fixing of sign on the Andrea Vogt Roadside Stand, a pledge we made to the generous donor who donated funds to put this unit.

The building will serve several uses as a shop where products from the BiZoHa Gardens will be sold out to the general public, other items to be sold are handcrafts made by the KHPS / BIZOHA ORPHANS, a selection of best handcrafts from craftsmen and women of Rwenzori, refreshments, coffee, airtime and some fast foods.

Some trees and flowers are already growing around the roadside stand and a section of land has been portioned to put a museum, a backpack hostel to shelter volunteer and tourists interested to visit BIZOHA and the Rwenzori region. This will generate extra funds to support the project into a self sustaining venture.

A hedge is already growing at the lower ends along the southern side of the property for privacy and beefing up security.

The inner walls of the Andrea Vogt Roadside stand is painted soft white, the floor is green and the roof is black.

The veranda is green. The unit will be powered by solar and some Umbrellas with wooden frames will be fixed in front of the stand where visitors to BIZOHA can relax and feel at home.

Tomorrow, I will be fixing fascia board on all the building units at BIZOHA and I am planning to put rain gutters on the hostel and classroom in my attempts to put in place a rain water harvesting tank to add on the tap water already in existence.


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