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Andrea Vogt donates $925 to BiZoHa Orphanage, for Roadside Stand

Posted: Mon, May 04, 2015 | By: Orphans

BiZoHa - the world’s first atheist orphanage - received a wonderful gift on May 2, 2015, from Andrea Vogt, a generous regular contributor to secular causes in western Uganda.

Andrea donated $925 to BiZoHa, via a GoFundMe campaign, to pay for construction of a Roadside Stall where produce and beverages can be sold.

The “Andrea Vogt Roadside Stand” is a key component in guaranteeing economic self-sufficiency to the BiZoHa orphanage endeavor. BiZoHa is situated near the town of Muhokya, on 7 acres of fertile agricultural land which will produce crops that can be sold at the Roadside Stand. Additionally, beverages and snacks can also be marketed. BiZoHa is ideally located on the main highway that connects Kasese to Fort Portal in western Uganda.

Crops at BiZoHa - to be sold at the Roadside Stand
Crops at BiZoHa - to be sold at the Roadside Stand

Andrea’s contribution marks the second time a major contributor has sponsored a building. In April, Dr. Bruce Chou of California donated $1,000 to construct the “Dr. Bruce Chou Classroom” on the premises. This classroom can accommodate 60 children.

Initial funding for BiZoHa was gained via a GoFundMe campaign that netted $5,820 in only 29 hours. Those funds were used to build the initial large building - where the staff and orphans will live. Additionally, funds were used to bring in a water pipe, to cultivate the land, and to dig a 30-foot latrine.

The “Andrea Vogt Roadside Stand” is presently being designed. It will probably be constructed of bricks, with a large, colorful umbrella, and painted in an attractive fashion to encourage drivers to pull over and spend some cash.

Beverages should sell well here. The Roadside Stand is almost directly on the Equator, with its heat and humidity. Many tourists pass by here, on their way to the region’s national parks.

main building at BiZoHa orphanage
main building at BiZoHa orphanage

BiZoHa thanks Andrea Vogt for her kindness and dedication to promoting secularism in Africa. She has been a huge consistent help; recently she was the primary donor in another project that aided the nearby Kasese Humanist Primary School, and only a week before she donated an additional $100 to BiZoHa.

The progress of the “Andrea Vogt Roadside Stand” will be recorded on its own channel HERE at the Brighter Brains Institute website. Photographs of the building progress will be recorded in the next few weeks, and soon, income that the Roadside Stand generates will also be filed, along with photos of visitors purchasing items. We are hoping that our stand will become a popular stopping point along the road.

The “Andrea Vogt Roadside Stand” will also be a tremendous way to notify the public about BiZoHa. Customers can learn about the orphanage that the stand supports, and perhaps, they’ll be encouraged to visit, or become sponsors, or volunteers there.

the nearby Equator
the nearby Equator

Kasese province, where BiZoHa is located, has one of the highest percentiles of orphans in Uganda. Up to 13% of the population is orphaned, due to HIV/AIDS, accidents, civil war, other diseases, or, the children are abandoned due to poverty. Many of the orphans at BiZoHa are from the local region, near Lake George, where one of the orphan’s father was killed and eaten by a crocodile.

Thank you Andrea Vogt for your wonderful donation! We look forward to building the Roadside Stand and we will work hard to have it be a structure and a business enterprise that you are proud to have your name on!

Bwamable Robert Musubaho - director of BiZoHa Orphanage and author of “Orphans of Ruwenzori - a humanist perspective” - exclaimed that Andrea’s sponsorship of the Roadside Stand was “cool and smart” because it is certainly the most important item in our budget. We look forward to it’s income-generating potential.


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