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Ana Sanchez Piggery Project in Muhokya - UPDATE

Posted: Sat, March 25, 2017 | By: BiZoHa

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Some weeks back, Kasese Humanist School received two generous donations from Chai Garcia based in the United states to procure a fishing boat for the Kahendero school and a piggery project for Kasese Humanist Schools.

The project has been moving on steadily and saw procurement of Ana Sanchez Fishing Boat, the boat was to be powered by an engine which was also sourced out: A Yamaha Out Board was purchased. To complete the chapter, i processed all the documentation as per fisheries act, got a number plate for the boat, joined the Fishing club at Kahendero and paid the necessary fees, of recent i have procured fishing nets.

Fishing works commences mid next week. The children, staffs are anxious to taste the first catch on Lake George waters.

Whereas some religions hate or curse pigs, at Kasese Humanist Schools, we cherish all products of nature and value them for their importance and goodness in improving lives.

Sustainable projects are good for boosting up economies and livelihoods of people involved in such initiatives. The Bizoha Farmland is a good site for the piggery as there is already food from the crop peels,unwanted harvests, prunes, brand from the Bizoha Mill, left overs from the Bizoha Schools and hotels in Muhokya and the presence of water ponds at the farmland.

On a related note, soon i will be working on building a permanent home on the Bizoha Farmland which will also add maximum security to our piggery project which has begun in Rutooke in Muhokya. A pen house is already in place plus some 3 procured pigs and hope to add more upon completion of the permanent house which will be erected soon.

The bricks to shelter up the piggery Attendants will be constructed soon. The current penhouse will be improved and upon completion will be named ANA SANCHEZ PIGGERY PROJECT. The individual building units will be called Ana Sanchez Penhouse.

Attached are some of the images of the Ana Sanchez Pen House and the procured bricks to kickstart the building process in our journey of creating a successful piggery project. Right now, the one looking after the pigs lives in a make shift temporary structure, he also protects our crops at the Bizoha Farmland during night time against Elephants plus other stubborn wild life who are nocturnal.

With Science, we can progress.


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