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Ana Sanchez Boat is Painted

Posted: Wed, March 01, 2017 | By: Past Projects

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

This boat was purchased for Kahendero Humanist Primary school by Chai Garcia who is based in the United states.

The boat name was a choice by the donor and it denotes her Mother name. The boat is powered by an outboard Engine and will perform both fishing and transportation of items/food stuffs/animals from distant areas to areas of Kahendero and Kasese town.
This boat has got a registered number plate clearly marked at its anterior end.

Attached are the images of the painted boat.

Now i thing this time, Kasese Humanist will now be in position to get money from the waters through fishing and transporting activities. This debunks the ignorant statements propelled by our enemies who thing our source of wealth is from the waters or deep seas.

With Science, we can progress


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