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AFRIPads for Kasese Humanist Primary School

Posted: Wed, March 23, 2016 | By: Uganda

by Bwambale Robert

I today dished out 10 more Sanitary Pads this time to old girls going to our pupils at the Kasese Humanist Primary School - Rukoki Campus. The exercise was carried out by the School Head Teacher Madam Jaklin.

The girls were extremely happy and thankful for the offer which came in from generous donors courtesy of AFRIPads.

The remaining pads will also be given out to the female teachers at this campus while the remaining is being stocked in at the Pellissier Science Laboratory@Khps Rukoki and The Andrea Vogt Health Clinic@Kkps - Bizoha Campus.

Attached are the images of the dishing out exercise. To learn more about Kasese Humanist Primary School, visit us online at http://kasesehumanistschool.webs.com

With Science, we can progress.


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