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Recent Activities of the Humanists Association of Ghana (HAG)

Posted: Fri, September 16, 2016 | By:

by Roslyn Mould

Humanist Association of Ghana (HAG) started building our boat for the ‘Float your boat’ race event on environmental awareness. We also had our first meeting with the AIK - Atheists in Kenya group and we are planning on the first ever bilateral agreement between 2 African humanist Organizations.

We met with the Founder and Director of the Ghana Planetarium, Dr. Ashong and his wife last Tuesday. They were very eager to work with us on several projects to promote education, especially in the sciences to these schools.

We are also taking part in a beach clean up exercise tomorrow to help the communities affected by the Tidal waves that hit our shores last week in the Capital city, Accra, where we are based.

On our book drive, we went in search of government-funded schools to help and we found out that they were on vacation and should be opening starting this week. Some of us are volunteering to enquire more about the schools and choose the one we think would be very interested and benefit greatly from the Donation and upcoming projects such as starting Freethought and Astronomy clubs in these schools, etc. We also got the idea to purchase the exercise books created by Dr. Ashong with information on astronomy adorning it.

HAG is having our next meeting on the 30th of October at the Planetarium so that our members who do not know about it can attend.


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