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Act for the Poor Association (APA) in Rwensenene, Uganda - requests partnership with BBI

Posted: Tue, May 08, 2018 | By: APA (Uganda)

by Mrs. Moreen Mbabazi (CHAIRPERSON-APA)

Act for the Poor Association (APA) has been working under the infringement of the church doctrine and witch craft. We realized that this does not work. Many of our members went to church to be prayed for and ended up dying. Others used witch craft, it never worked for them. They also ended up dying.

After we held several consultative meeting and workshops to discuss this and we all accepted that the church and witch craft can not heal some one or get some one out of poverty. We resolved that we can solve our own problems without going to the church neither witch craft. So we had to shun the Bible teaching and witch craft activities.

Now we are doing our own activities trying to get ourselves out of poverty.

We the members of APA hereby apply for your funding.

APA is a women’s organisation that started operations in 2012 at Rwensenene in Kagadi district of Central Uganda. It is formed of rural women who saw a need for women development and unity. We therefore, empower women economically.

We are requesting US$ 200 from you. The fund will enable us buy condoms for both men and women in the area of Kagadi. The project will also create awareness about HIV/AIDS infection.

In the area where we are is a Evangelical church that has discouraged the use of condoms and HIV/AIDS has claimed the lives of many people. Also the herbalists have caused the similar problems to the people. We have lost many people. We want to stop this and encourage the population to use condoms. This is the only option we can save the live of our people.

We lack funds to do this and this is the reason we have requested you to help us and carry out this programme.

Act for the Poor Association (APA) has an account with Mpefu Cooperative Society Limited, based in Mpefu under account number MCSL/1334. We have no account that receives bank wire transfers and most especially international electronic transfers. However, if there is need for it, we are ready to open one with the bank that accepts international bank transfers.

I have attached some more photo’s and the registration certificate of our organisation.

Find here below the list of our members

1- Moreen Mbabazi
2- Susan Nyakaisiki
3- Mitse Robert
4- Rebbecca Kugonza
5- Kiiza Wilson
6- Obadia Mbusa
7- Immaculate Atuhairwe
8- Jackline Biira
9- Annet Biira
11- Grace Kyamanywa
12- Mary Tugume
13- Anorine Tuhairwe
14- Ngabirano Aisha
15- Molly Kyahurwenda
16- Susan Soninge
17- Kasnime Musoki
18- Naome Jovito
19- Ndyamusima Joy
20- Jolly Mirembe
21- Catherine Ateenyi
22- Jetrace Muhangi
23- Silve Ngambi
24- Valeria Addi
25- Alice Kyaligonza


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