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A Better Approach in Tackling Islamist Terror

Posted: Wed, January 10, 2018 | By: Nigeria

by Abdulrahman Aliyu

The way to tackle islamism, isn’t by militaristic approach. As the prominent professor Wole Soyinka use to say, “You can’t kill an ideology with a gun.”

Guns can only eliminate to some extent those that held the ideology. But as long as the preaching centres aren’t regulated by government agencies then lots of Islamist terrorist will be produced. You killed 10 in the battle field and 100 more are produced. That’s is the kind of predicament the northern Nigeria is facing, and many more countries like it that are facing the menace of bokoharam’s like.

If laws are made to regulate and monitor every religious preaching centre in Nigeria, then the government can then reduce the spread of extreme views, and there by encourage moderation in its stead. In Nigeria we have thousands of preaching centres that were unaccounted or unregistered with the government. The future is way too scary cause, every imam, pastor can just open up a new mosque or church without proper vetting and regulation by the government.

Religious body must be checked and counter checked to make sure it goes in line with the constitutional provision of freedom of religion; which includes both the right to practice, and dump any religion of your choice without any fear of intimidation.

Also and above all, the concept of humanism should be utmost and more supreme than every religion. Moreover the concern of the very well being of human and the preservation of their right as human should be considered more valuable than the right to practice one’s religion. There fore if any religion preaches the infringement of other people’s right, then the government ought to intervene within the limit of constitutional provision.

Once all that system is in place and works, there are little or no chances of Islamist terrorism engulfing the peaceful coexistence of a nation.


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