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Kanyenze Orphan Boy Killed, and Mutilated, probably by “Witchdoctors”

Posted: Tue, October 10, 2017 | By: Kanyenze


​Brighter Brains Institute recently received unfortunate news.

A boy (Bwambale Joseph) who was going to stay in our soon-to-be-constructed Kanyenze Boys Orphanage was found dead, with his genitals removed, near his home.

Body parts are frequently used by “witchdoctors”—practitioners of traditional African ‘medicine’ - and orphans are frequently preyed… Continue Reading

Huge Progress with Tilapia Pond at Kanungu

Posted: Sat, October 07, 2017 | By: Kanungu


​In September, Brighter Brains Institute launched a campaign that raised $1500 to start a Tilapia Pond.

Progress has been very swift - in the photos below you can see the villagers digging the hole for the pond.

The tilapia will be sold to provide tuition fees for the orphans in… Continue Reading

Tomatoes are Harvested from Kanungu Community Garden

Posted: Thu, October 05, 2017 | By: Kanungu


​by Robert Magara

This is very interesting to all of us seeing the first tomatoes in our community garden harvest.

It is out of commitment and hard working…

Thank you our dear beloved big funder David Thompson for your great great generous support of food for the… Continue Reading

Atheism in Myanmar

Posted: Thu, October 05, 2017 | By: Mini-Projects


By Kyaw Moe Khine, Edited by Nathalie Johnston

The majority religion in Myanmar is Thervaveda Buddhism, with a whopping 88% of the country associating themselves as well as the military and civilian governments being strong proponents of the cause. Though a very diverse country, the majority of the ethnic… Continue Reading

Ngabirwe Phiona lectures at Kanyenze and Nyakiyumbu

Posted: Sat, September 23, 2017 | By: Humanism


​by Ngabirwe Phiona

I wish to inform BBI that yesterday I conducted two lessons, one at Kanyenze orphanage school.

This was the first humanism lesson at this school.
I was welcomed by the headteacher who accompanied me to tour the school and checking the BBI projects.
Continue Reading

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