A Better Approach in Tackling Islamist Terror

Posted: Wed, January 10, 2018 | By: Nigeria

by Abdulrahman Aliyu

The way to tackle islamism, isn’t by militaristic approach. As the prominent professor Wole Soyinka use to say, “You can’t kill an ideology with a gun.”

Guns can only eliminate to some extent those that held the ideology. But as long as the preaching… Continue Reading

BBI will soon launch “Nigeria Humanist Policy Centre”

Posted: Fri, January 05, 2018 | By: Nigeria


​Brighter Brains Institute will soon be launching a humanist think tank in Nigeria, titled the “Nigeria Humanist Policy Centre.”

The Nigeria Humanist Policy Centre (NHPC) will promote its opinions and recommendations on Nigerian social issues, especially in the categories of education, economic development, religion, human rights, family planning… Continue Reading

Mubarak Bala answers questions on his Atheism in Nigeria

Posted: Fri, January 05, 2018 | By: Nigeria


By Atane Ofiaja

Islam is sacrosanct in Northern Nigeria. Suffice to say that denouncing the religion can come with dire consequences. It’s just not something you do. Last year, a young man named Mubarak Bala from Kano bravely did just that. He announced he was an atheist and humanist,… Continue Reading

Kanungu Humanist Activities for January, 2018

Posted: Wed, January 03, 2018 | By: Uganda


​Below is an outline of the Brighter Brains Institute and Kanungu Humanist Primary School activities that are planned for January 2018.

BBI now requires all recipients of its funding to send in a calendar for each month, that lists the humanist activities and outlines how BBI projects will proceed.

Continue Reading

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