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Brighter Brains Institute offers “Why Do We Believe?” workshop

Posted: Sat, December 16, 2017 | By: Atheist Logic

Screen_Shot_2017-12-16_at_06.35.12.png Brighter Brains Institute is offering a 4-hour workshop titled “Why Do We Believe?” to community groups and schools interested in examining how belief systems are formulated. The e-workbook is also available for FREE to anyone who wants it - just email with your request. The “Why Do We Believe?”… Continue Reading

Harvest Report for Kanungu Humanist Community Garden

Posted: Sat, December 16, 2017 | By: Kanungu

Screen_Shot_2017-12-16_at_06.08.18.png ​Four months ago, the Brighter Brains Institute donated $700 to the Kanungu Humanist School to establish a community garden. The funds were donated to BBI by David Thompson; the project was proposed by Justin Silbaugh. The harvest report has recently been submitted to BBI by the director of our Kanungu… Continue Reading

BBI Launches “Atheist Logic” Podcast and Essay Archive

Posted: Thu, December 07, 2017 | By: Atheist Logic

38936756-atheism-wallpapers.jpg Brighter Brains Institute is launching a podcast and an essay archive in the near future. “Atheist Logic” is the title of this new project. We will feature articles and interviews that discuss the logical reasons for disbelief in “God” and the irrationality of religious belief based on faith. We are… Continue Reading

Kanyenze Boys Orphanage is Complete

Posted: Tue, December 05, 2017 | By: Kanyenze

Orphans1.png ​The boys orphanage in Kanyenze is complete—funds were raised by a GoFundMe in July 2017. Kanyenze has both a girls orphanage and a boys orphanage - both were provided by Brighter Brains Institute. Additionally, it has a clinic (sponsored by Atheist Community of San Jose), and a Motorcycle Repair Garage… Continue Reading

Condoms delivered to Buhanga - donated by Aydin Tankut

Posted: Tue, December 05, 2017 | By: Buhanga

DSC_4173.JPG by Masereka Sebastian Special thank you very much to Aydin Tankut for funding Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group with condoms. ( Female and male condoms) Condoms were bought today and women were very happy for your gift. The gift will help to control birthrates and help to fight HIV/AIDS and other… Continue Reading

Passion Fruit Farm in Kanungu - progress underway

Posted: Mon, December 04, 2017 | By: Kanungu

IMG_20171204_092816.jpg ​by Robert Magara Immediately, I have started by preparing the passion fruit farm. First, is spraying the green grass to avoid coach grass and other dangerous grasses. After seven days, I will start marking where the passion fruit seedlings will be planted, and of course putting manure. Kindly, see the… Continue Reading

BBI Launches GoFundMe—Passion Fruit Farm for Kanungu Humanist School

Posted: Tue, November 28, 2017 | By: Kanungu

25708538_1511846422.3312_funddescription.jpg Kerning Humanist Primary School in Uganda needs a Passion Fruit Farm - income gained will help pay the teachers salaries. Passion Fruit is highly profitable, due to delicious flavor and nutritional value. Information on how-to-grow-it and potential income is available HERE and HERE. The plant is a quickly-growing vine, producing… Continue Reading

Passion Fruit Farming in Uganda - Three Different Methods

Posted: Tue, November 28, 2017 | By: Kanungu

1012776_568846556517533_1878765246_n.jpg by Robert Magara Passion fruit can be grown in three different methods. 1. The best method is expensive but it makes the passion fruit plants last for all the seasons. The method uses fresh trees to support the vines, instead of dry poles.The passion fruit plants remain sucking water from… Continue Reading

Kanungu Tilapia Pond is Stocked with 10,000 Fish

Posted: Mon, November 27, 2017 | By: Kanungu

IMG_20171126_101114.jpg by Robert Magara I am happy to report that I have stocked 10’000 tilapia fish today morning. I received the fish today early in the morning and immediately stocked them. See photos below. Thank you our dear generous funders for this. Soon I will extend this to another fish pond. Continue Reading

Kirembo Women thank BBI for Condoms

Posted: Thu, November 09, 2017 | By: Women’s Empowerment

KUWFORD_PHOTOS._004.jpg Hello Brighter Brains Institute - Please receive greetings from Kirembo United Women Association. We are grateful for BBI Support of 245.847 shillings to the women group. We thank your friends whom you mobilized to let you help us. Madam Biira Charity came our organization and trained us how to use… Continue Reading

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